Clean Email Lists With Our New Subscriber Notification

The key to a strong open rate for your monthly newsletter lies in the quality of your subscriber list. If your contacts know and expect that you’ll be emailing them, then they’re more likely to open your email.

On the other hand, a message sent out of the blue may get a one time click-of-curiosity from subscribers, but future emails fall flat. And so does your open rate.

For this reason we notify each of your new subscribers when they’ve been added to your mailing list. This simple and direct email offers a heads up to your customers that they’ve been added to your newsletter, and that they should expect to see some fun new content in the weeks to come. Here’s an example of our current Jamberry Welcome Email for Customers (left) and Team Members (right).

FYZZBEE New Subscriber Notification Email

Most of our clients submit new contacts to FyzzBee in bulk, many of whom have never received a monthly newsletter before. So this New Subscriber Notification does two important things:

First, it sets expectations: Customers feel more at ease when they know what to expect, and they want to be assured that their inboxes aren’t going to be flooded every other day with random emails from you hawking your wares. The fact is, the majority of your customers do want to hear about new products and timely updates, but these messages will be better received when they’re expecting them, and they will subconsciously prepare themselves to look for your newsletter their inbox.

¬†Second, it offers a clear chance to opt-out: There are going to be customers who don’t want to receive your updates, and unsubscribes are a natural and healthy part of the email marketing process. We expect a few unsubscribes to happen each time we send a campaign, and believe it or not, an unsubscribe is actually helpful! We would much rather have someone kindly opt-out of the mailing list, rather than complain directly to the email service providers of the world by pressing the SPAM button! SPAM is always bad and we never want to give an indication that we’re forcing unwanted content into subscribers inboxes.

One of our main goals in helping you deliver fantastic emails to your customers is helping you build a clean email list. A list with high open rates, low complaint rates, and filled with customers anxious to hear what you have to say.

Customers feel more at ease when they know what to expect.

Naturally you’re going to lose some new subscribers to opt-outs through the Welcome Email, but the result over time will be a healthier list delivered to people that are looking forward to receiving your updates. As this happens, we’ll build the overall credibility of your monthly newsletter with email service providers, and enjoy higher deliver-ability rates and fewer messages lost in transit.¬† It’s just one of the many behind-the-scenes things we’re doing to help you do email marketing, without the hassle.