FyzzBee + ShopTheRoe: Level-Up Your LuLaRoe Marketing

FyzzBee + ShopTheRoe Integration

We have just announced some SUPER exciting news for LuLaRoe consultants! We are proud to debut a new integration with ShopTheRoe, the wonderful inventory management system for LuLaRoe consultants!

FyzzBee, now integrated with ShopTheRoe, can help you save time on your email marketing:

  • Feature your ShopTheRoe photos directly in party promotions and pop-up invites
  • Automate your customer & team follow-up emails
  • Stay on top of your ShopTheRoe inventory with daily alerts
  • And, let FyzzBee help you stay more engaged with your customers through our personalized monthly newsletters

Do you ShopTheRoe?

Are you a ShopTheRoe user who is just starting out with FyzzBee? Be sure to watch this informative demo video that shows you how to integrate your STR account with FyzzBee. We’ll also walk through some specific examples of how to take advantage of features we’ve built just for ShopTheRoe users!

We’re just getting started!

FyzzBee has been helping direct sellers with email marketing for over two years, but we’re just beginning to serve LuLaRoe consultants in 2017, and our integration with ShopTheRoe is brand new.

We’re anxious to hear your feedback – the good and the bad – and get your input on new features you would love to see that would make your FyzzBee email marketing experience even better!

Be sure to follow our official Facebook page, and LuLaRoe consultants can join our private LuLaRoe Newsletters by FyzzBee user group on Facebook.

Who does your Email Marketing?

Email marketing can be a hassle -- trust us, we know.
If you're currently using a do-it-yourself service and spending hours of time each month designing and sending newsletters, give FyzzBee's 14-day free trial a shot!

We serve Young Living, Jamberry, and LuLaRoe consultants with custom newsletters. We'll help you take the hassle out of email marketing!