Newsletter Builder: Customize Your Campaign & Tell Your Story

No more excuses everyone. It’s time to start putting yourself out there. Tell your story, share your interests, and engage with your customers with your words and products. Talk about your why, add a special offer or recommend a good book!

We’ve worked hard to take a very complicated project – designing and delivering full-HTML newsletters – and provide you an editor that makes customizing your newsletters quick and painless.  We’ve started by painting the canvas with big brush strokes, but we want YOU to ADD THE DETAILS that will make it a one-of-a-kind campaign. Watch the HOW TO SERIES

Ready to to get started? Let’s go!

Select a Newsletter To Edit

We’ve added an Editorial Calendar widget to your FyzzBee Dashboard. When a newsletter preview becomes available to customize a Preview link will show next to the newsletter title.

Click a Preview link to open the Newsletter Editor and start customizing your next campaign. You can also still access previews from the Editorial Calendar page.

Review Your Delivery Schedule

You will open to the Delivery Schedule for your newsletter. For those who work with companies that serve multiple countries – we’re looking at you Jamberry – you’ll see a separate version listed for each country. This allows you to send different content and also customize delivery times on a per country basis.

The most important thing to note on the Delivery Schedule page is whether or not your newsletter is currently Schedule For Delivery. If there is a clock icon next to the country name, then your email is scheduled to go out at the delivery time.

Click the Pause & Edit button to edit your newsletters (adjust a delivery time or add / edit the content of your campaign). When you are done editing your newsletter be sure to return to the Delivery Schedule to schedule your unsent versions.

It’s easy to edit your subject line – just click anywhere in the Subject box and start typing. Changes will auto-save as you type… in fact, most changes throughout the Newsletter Editor will auto-save as you work.

Edit Your Newsletter Content

The part you’ve been waiting for, right?? To edit anything in your newsletter, click on a version title (e.g. Country Name) to open the preview for that version of that newsletter.

As long as your newsletter is in Paused status, you’ll see Edit buttons for each Content Block on the preview page. You can click any of these Edit buttons to activate the Editor Toolbar for that Content Block.

Once you’ve activated the Editor Toolbar, you can edit the active Content Block text & images, move it up or down, remove it from your newsletter completely, or insert new content below it from the Content Gallery.

Remove a Content Block

There are two ways to remove a content block from your Newsletter.

1. Delete the Block – Remove from ALL Versions

The quickest way to remove a block is to press the Trash Can icon in the Editor Toolbar. This will remove the selected block from your newsletter (and if your newsletter is sent to multiple countries, it will move it from all Country Versions at once).

2. Select Countries – Remove from Select Versions

If your newsletter is sent to multiple countries and you want to keep a block for some countries, but remove it from others, then you can click the Edit Block button to open the block editor, and then select the specific countries you want to include.

Edit a Content Block

Click the Edit Block button to open the editor for a Content Block. Now we’re at the heart of truly customizing the newsletter to be your own.

Just click a text box to update copy to yourheart’s content, and if you want, even swap in new images to replace FyzzBee’s default pictures.

Important: Once you’re finished editing all of the blocks of your newsletter, be sure to return to the Delivery Schedule to finalize your send dates and schedule your newsletter for delivery.

LuLaRoe Consultants: Showcase Your Inventory

As a little added treat for LuLaRoe consultants, click the Insert Content icon in any Editor Toolbar to open the Content Gallery.

From the gallery, search and select the template block called LuLaRoe Inventory + PopUp Feature. This will insert a new block into your newsletter that you can customize to feature images and descriptions of your own inventory!

Who does your Email Marketing?

Email marketing can be a hassle -- trust us, we know.
If you're currently using a do-it-yourself service and spending hours of time each month designing and sending newsletters, give FyzzBee's 14-day free trial a shot!

We serve doTerra, Jamberry, LuLaRoe, Young Living and SeneGence consultants with custom newsletters. We'll help you take the hassle out of email marketing!