Video: What is FyzzBee?
Video: FyzzBee + ShopTheRoe
YLDist Integration
ShopTheRoe Integration
How do I get more benefit from my FyzzBee account?
What is the benefit of sending the Team Newsletter?
FyzzBee vs. MailChimp: What's the difference?
What is the Gmail promotions folder?
Video: Add Contacts
Video: Separate First and Last Names for Import
Video: Export Contacts from ShopTheRoe
Video: Sort Subscribers & Followup
Contacts page: Overview
Contacts page: Filtering & searching
Contacts page: Changing columns displayed & sorting
Contacts page: Using multi-select & bulk actions
How do I add contacts to my account?
How do I add/remove tags from contacts?
Can I add contacts without subscribing them to a newsletter?
Video: Sync, Filter & Insert Images of ShopTheRoe Inventory
Create a custom version of the EO 101 series (YLDist integration).
How does Connect work?
Can I send a sequence to multiple contacts at once?
How do I create a message template?
Video: FyzzBee Connect: Quick Start
How do I create a sequence template?
How do I send a follow-up sequence to a contact?
How do I send a single message to a contact?
How do I customize the included FyzzBee templates?
How do I change a sequence from draft to scheduled?
How do I delete a sequence?
What do the message statuses mean (e.g. queued, bounced, dropped)?
Video: Edit the subject, delivery time and status
Video: Add, remove, and reorder content blocks
Video: Edit the text in a content block
Video: Add inventory images & popup links
Newsletter Builder: Create my own content for the newsletter
When are newsletters delivered?
Is there a sign-up link for my newsletter?
What are newsletter subscription status indicators (e.i. subscribed, pending, cleaned, unsubscribed)?
What Are Subscriber Engagement Ratings?
How to use subscriber engagement ratings?
How can I view my newsletter subscribers, unsubscribed, etc?
Can I re-send a newsletter to recent subscribers?
How do I add subscribers to a newsletter list?
How do I remove subscribers from a newsletter list in bulk?
How can a contact re-subscribe who has previously unsubscribed?
What happens if I add a birthday to someone subscribed to my customer newsletter?
How do I add or remove the team newsletter (Pro plan) from my account
How to share a newsletter on Facebook?
How do I downgrade my FyzzBee plan?
How do I cancel my FyzzBee account?
Refund policy
How do I add or remove the team newsletter (Pro plan) from my account
Referral Program
How do I earn affiliate referral fees?
How will FyzzBee know if I've referred someone?
When will I get paid for referrals?
Can I donate my referral fees to charity?
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