What is FyzzBee? (video)
FyzzBee + ShopTheRoe (video)
FyzzBee + ShopTheRoe
How do I get more benefit from my FyzzBee account?
What is the benefit of sending the Team Newsletter?
FyzzBee vs. MailChimp: What's the difference?
What is the Gmail promotions folder?
How-To: Add Contacts (video)
How-To: Separate First and Last Names for Import (video)
How-To: Export Contacts from ShopTheRoe (video)
How-To: Sort Subscribers & Followup (video)
Navigating your contact list
Filtering & searching contacts
Change contact columns & sort fields
How do I upload contacts to FyzzBee?
How to manage contacts with bulk actions?
How do I upload contacts to FyzzBee?
How-To: Sync, Filter & Insert Images of ShopTheRoe Inventory (video)
How does Connect work?
Can I send a sequence to multiple contacts at once?
How do I create a message template?
FyzzBee Connect: Quick Start Video
How do I create a sequence template?
How do I send a follow-up sequence to a contact?
How do I send a single message to a contact?
How do I customize the included FyzzBee templates?
How do I change a sequence from draft to scheduled?
How do I delete a sequence?
What does "queued" message status mean?
What does "bounced" message status mean?
What does "dropped" message status mean?
Edit the subject, delivery time and status (video)
Add, remove, and reorder content blocks (video)
Edit the text in a content block (video)
Add inventory images & popup links (video)
When are newsletters delivered?
Is there a sign-up link for my newsletter?
What are newsletter subscription status indicators?
What Are Subscriber Engagement Ratings?
How to use subscriber engagement ratings?
How can I view my newsletter subscribers, unsubscribed, etc?
How do I add subscribers to a newsletter list?
How do I remove subscribers from a newsletter list in bulk?
How can a contact re-subscribe who has previously unsubscribed?
What happens if I add a birthday to someone subscribed to my customer newsletter?
What does "cleaned" subscriber status mean?
How do I add or remove the team newsletter (Pro plan) from my account
How do I downgrade my FyzzBee plan?
How do I cancel my FyzzBee account?
Refund policy
How do I add or remove the team newsletter (Pro plan) from my account
Referral Program
How do I earn affiliate referral fees?
How will FyzzBee know if I've referred someone?
When will I get paid for referrals?
Can I donate my referral fees to charity?
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